Nasal Breathing Can Improve Your Workout

Nasal breathing can improve your workout. Sound too simple? Trainers tell you to breathe, but does how you do it matter? Experts say, “yes”. 

Adam Pedicini, Australian fitness trainer from, recommends it for many of his clients. You can try it for yourself by working out with him while he uses the nasal breathing technique here.

Adam says, “Breathing in and out through your nostrils while keeping your mouth closed, encourages your cardiovascular system, helps increase your heart rate quickly, and helps decrease our stress response. Focusing on a breathing technique is key to staying relaxed during your workout.”

Does it feel restricted? “Yeah, and sometimes when a client tries it for the first time they may even panic, but we can take in sufficient oxygen through our noses even while exerting ourselves—providing both nostrils are open and functioning optimally. Nasal breathing isn’t a technique for anyone with a sinus cold or a collapsed septum, or what-have-you. Stay safe and do what’s right for you. You can bring down your intensity if you feel light headed, or absolutely open your mouth if you have to. No shame. Take care of you, number one.”

Some experts and doctors even credit nose-breathing with improving the body’s ability to metabolize fat (Read article.)